How to Lower Your Stress During an Injury Insurance Claim

How to Lower Your Stress During an Injury Insurance Claim

I’m attorney Wil Alexander. An injury attorney right here in the CSRA. I wanted to talk with you about lowering your stress level. Now, if you’re going through an injury claim, or any sort of an insurance claim, I know that your stress is heightened right now. You’re getting calls from adjusters. You may not have gotten a call from an adjuster yet, but if you haven’t, you will soon, and an adjuster is going to ask you rapid fire a lot of questions to try to get information from you. What I want you to do is take a deep breath. When you get that phone call, grab a notepad and ask the adjuster these questions. Ask number one, what company are you calling from? What insurance company are you calling from? What is your full name?

What’s your direct line, the direct line to call you back? What is that number? What’s your email address? Then potentially somebody could email you. What information do you want from me? The adjuster’s likely going to ask you a lot of questions and they’re going to want a lot of information from you, but just ask them line by line. Say, what information do you want from me? I don’t feel comfortable necessarily answering these right now, but I’d like to take some time, write these questions down and get back to you. And the big thing that you’ll want is a claim number. And the reason why that claim number is important is because that’s the number the insurance companies identify your claim by. So they won’t necessarily go by a name, a person’s name, like Wil Alexander, they’re going to say it’s claim number, whatever that claim number is.

So that claim number is super, super important. Once you get these questions written down, then what you need to do is take a deep breath and find a lawyer to contact to ask, why is this adjuster asking me these questions? What should I do? Do I answer them? Do I not answer them? What do I say? Many, many attorneys, most attorneys that I know will be very happy to point you in the right direction and just provide guidance on what’s going on. I know that, when people are involved in these issues, it’s something that I handle every day, but not necessarily something that you’re going to handle but maybe once in your lifetime. And so what you want to do is get that list of questions, call an attorney that you trust and get them to point you in the right direction.

If you don’t have somebody directly that you know to talk to, certainly you can reach out to me. Our office number is below. We’ve got a 24/7 text line. I’d be happy to just provide guidance and say, Hey, this is the reason why this adjuster is asking these questions. You know, here’s maybe what to do, not to do, details on what happened and things like that. So again, shoot me a quick text anytime. We’ll get that scheduled where I can talk through what these insurance companies are wanting from you, what the best strategy is for you. Also, my email is So if you prefer an email, definitely do that. I have that set up on my phone. So anything that I can do to help just provide guidance, a little bit of clarity on what’s going on. Take some of that stress off. I’d be happy to do that. So hope you’re doing okay and we’ll talk to you.

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